"The 1st Annual Ellen Art Show" was held on January 22nd, 2011 at GAB Studio in Miami and featured 30 portraits of Ellen Degeneres, painted by 30 Miami artists.

Ten of the portraits were auctioned off, and with the money raised Renda Writer bought a plane ticket and flew out to Los Angeles to bring 10 more of the portraits to Ellen Degeneres as birthday presents.

He gave eight of them to the mail room for the show and two of them to production assistants. He also made a scrapbook containing all 30 portraits, as well as some information about the artists that painted them, and a video of the scrapbook, which can be seen below.

While in LA for 5 days Renda documented every time he dropped of an Ellen portrait on video and uploaded it to his YouTube page.  All videos can be seen at www.YouTube.com/RendaWriter.

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