1.  To raise money for The Trevor Project (www.TheTrevorProject.org) and raise awareness about the anti-bullying cause.
2.  To celebrate Ellen Degeneres' birthday (She turns 54 the day before the event, 1/26/12.  Free birthday cake and gift bags for first 75
To give exposure, visibility, and marketing benefits to event sponsors.
4.  To unite artists from the art scenes of America's three major cities: Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.
5.  To unite various groups of people: Ellen Degeneres fans, art buyers, art appreciators, the LGBT community,  b-boys / b-girls, fans of    
DJ Maseo from De La Soul, fans of Brett Loewenstern, fans of American Idol, fans of Zachary Alexander  Rice, the red carpet
charity supporters, fans of Hella Hung, fans of fine art, fans of street art, fans of Terrell Moore, fans of poetry, vegans (vegan
      catering provided at 
event) local artists, fans of the participating LA artists, national artists, younger people, older people, bloggers,
      press, web hosts, photographers, actors, walk-ins, and fans and supporters of 
Renda Writer. 
6.  To help bring positive attention to Renda Writer's goal and dream of performing his poem, "Half Hearted," on The Ellen Degeneres
     Show. More info at www.RendaWriter.com, and HERE

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